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Hour two of our drive to DC. Sweet Baby has been crying steadily for the last hour. Have already given up on toddler amusement, so have now handed him over to the care of the iPad. Husband not thrilled with my choice of Blake Babies as musical soundtrack to this hour of our trip, claims he doesn’t know these songs enough to drown out the sound of the crying/whining. Think we’ve already given up on the idea of stopping in Philly to go to the children’s museum. Probably best to power through this, huh? On the plus side, my in laws have agreed to let us cook Tday dinner while they amuse the boy. I can’t help but feel like we’re getting the better deal out of that bargain. Also, that means I’ll actually get free time to make pies! Anyone with good vegan pie recipes, send em my way.

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  1. dorothydorothydo said: LOL um my comment was made for another Tumblr and I can’t delete it here? Oh boy. Hope the rest of the roadtrip goes better!
  2. electradaddy said: Wishing you safe (and quiet) travels!
  3. wordsunderwords said: I don’t have a recipe, but I made a pumpkin pie with coconut milk last year and it was delicious. I hope that baby stops screaming soon!
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